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Kolkata, one of the largest cities of India, is rich in cultural values and traditions. It is the hub of the east and one of the major business centres of the country. Calcutta (now, Kolkata) is the oldest and the largest city in India. Bordered by the famous Hooghly River on the west, Kolkata boasts of many places of historical and scientific importance like Victoria Memorial Hall, Birla Planetarium, Indian Museum, Botanical Garden, Science City etc.
The city has lived through over 300 years of cultural, political and social turmoil. Calcutta (Kolkata) is a veritable treasure trove of literature, fine arts and culture. The current name was a translation from “Kali Ghats”, which means the ‘land of the Goddess Kali’. Howrah Bridge is the only cantilever bridge in the country, and it connects the busy city with Howrah and other important roadways to India.
Calcutta (Kolkata) is internationally connected by air directly to London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore among other cities. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and other important cities are also linked to the city. The city is linked by rail to all major cities and many remote areas too.


The city has stretches of hot seasons as well as rainy seasons and moderate winter seasons. Generally during April to June temperature is fairly high, rains will be there during July to September and December to January are moderately cold days.
Average temperature in Kolkata (in Celsius)

  • Nov-Feb: 13°C – 28°C
  • Mar-May: 21°C – 36°C
  • Jun-Oct: 28°C – 34°C

Best visit is between October and March.
Languages: Bengali, Hindi, English


There is nothing you cannot buy here. Kolkata is famous for Katha embroidery, terracotta items, fine saris, ‘Kalighat’ paintings, genuine antiques, lovingly restored antique furniture and original works of art.
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